Failed Customer Service: Outback Steakhouse Arlington, VA

I added a note to my iPhone, but failed to blog about it.  This happened on May 15, my 30th Birthday.


Outback Steakhouse Arlington VA

Menus are now on tables to give to yourself – Sinking to a fast food level…soon they will be on a computer screen above you head.  LOL.

Waiter acknowledged us and came back later.  He took drinks apps and entree at once.  I forgot to mention a drink and he did not catch that until coming back with the others drinks and bread.

Our apps and salads that were ordered as sides came followed 2 Min later by dinner!

I mentioned we had not touched apps or salads yet and was offered to have my steak held under a heat lamp in the kitchen.  I declined as others were already served.

As dishes were emptied we put them on the booth ledge to make room.  They were not picked up 🙁  I then put them on the recently vacated neighboring table which had yet to be cleared.

While we were eating our entrees we were given refils even though we had not seen the waiter to check if we needed them or if the steaks 3 of us ordered were cooked correctly.

I was finishing up my cold steak as I had my salad and app first while the others broke into the blooming onion which had become their dessert when the check was delivered. Ugh!  I was a little shocked he did not ask the table of plate cleaned guys if they wanted dessert!

I forgot to mention that we asked for ketchup to the kitchen runner who brought out the plates and it never was brought.  I had offered my ketchup since I don’t eat it.

I was not paying but I think the tip would have been small.  The only other pet peeve of mine is clearing dinner plates while others are eating.  This was not done because no plates were cleared!

To end on a positive note we did not run out of beverages!

What not to do when working at a restaurant

Tonight on the way to the movie we ate at the Capital Brewery downtown near Chinatown.  We had a nice meal.  I prevented the waitress and bus boys from removing my entree dish as Patrick was still eating which is a pet peeve of mine as the last person eating feels rushed.

Patrick paid in cash for dinner and we both went to use the bathroom.  We came out, I saw our waitress and thanked her.  She had our check in her hand and with it opened asked me basically if we paid as the cash was no longer inside!  I got a little nervous, was surprised, and upset that the money was stolen!  I explained that we left her money and was a little annoyed that we would have to pay again.  Behind her was a waiter who was laughing and had the money in his hand.  She apologized, I gave an evil glance, the most evil I have ever dished out to the other waiter and vowed to not return again!

On the way out I was asked how the meal was, briefly described what just happened and said I would not come back.  He asked if we talked to a manager and I was so mad at the moment that I did not and just would not be back.  

Patrick did not know what happened and as we were walking to the theatre, I explained it and he said if he had know, he would have taken the money back and made the waiter who took the money pick up the dinner tab!  Why did I not think of that!  It would have taught him that that is not appropriate.  Not only was I upset, but the waitress thought we did not pay.


What does Courteous mean at the Movie Theatre?

Well….while no cell phones were ringing, there was plenty of talking at “The Strangers” tonight at the 7:20 showing in Chinatown at Regal.  It must be something about thriller/horror films that people need to talk through them to not be scared.  There were 3 guys behind me to were talking about everything…. predicting what would come next.  I only was surprised once to jump a bit in the movie.  There were some parts too where you could see the killer with a raised axe in the air.  What does one think would happen if an axe was held in the air?  Perhaps it would be brought down and make a noise?  Apparently those next to me and behind me who were talking or texting with their cell phone flash light did not have a clue.  The girls screamed and the guys got rowdy.

Sorry to complain so much, but while I looked back occasionally to show my annoyance, I did not say anything to them.  I wanted to leave, but Patrick, who really wanted to see the movie, was okay with staying.  It was so hard to hear the film at times with the guys behind us providing narration!

To conclude….those who get scared easily should NOT see scary movies!  Those who like to narrate should wait for the DVD release, turn on close captioning and off with the audio!  There is more to courteous than just not talking on your cell phone.  Perhaps that is a too complex word…and the theatre should say “No talking.”  IDK.  In any event, we will no longer be going back to Regal Gallery Place for scary / thriller type movies.  Basically kids seem to talk and any movie that would appeal to them should be seen elsewhere.

Childhood Memory…Philmont Scout Ranch, Cimmaron, NM

Today I was reminded somehow about my trip to Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico.  This was a very memorable trip and here is a true story.

Not sure if it was the first or second night we were hiking on our 12 day trek, but the most important part is that we were guided by a staff member for the first few days to help us learn the rules and get acclimated.  It was my turn to cook and clean up after the meal.  Here are the details of how no trace camping works.

1) The entire meal was made in one bowl…I think we had Chicken Pot Pie for dinner.  The portion was distributed until there was no more left.  No one could turn down the spoon as it came around loaded with wonderful rehydrated food!  Yummy!

2) Time for dessert…since the main course was scraped from the pan, it was available to make dessert, chocolate pudding!  Guess it should have been called “Chocolate Pudding a la tad of chicken pot pie” ;P  It did not taste bad since the pudding was stronger than the chicken.

3) Time to clean up….My turn to be exact.  In the morning, hot water was boiled to make breakfast and thus sterilizing the pan.  It was the job of the cleaner the night before to clean the dishes out and stack them until the morning.  So…leave no trace, meant no cleaning water dumped.  I bet you can guess what happened next…yep, no soap, just a little water in the chocolate pudding pan to clean it out.  The waste water was then swallowed by yours truly!  Could have been a lot worse 😉  Not quite a chocolate shake, but drinkable….perhaps a trial of Nestle Quik?  LOL.

4) Once the ranger was gone……let’s just say, there was no more drinking of the waste water!  


One more fun food moment….never mix powdered milk when on a “Leave No Trace” camping trip.  I had a desire for milk at breakfast.  I attempted to mix the power with water, but it did not mix!  Ahhh…I had clumps in water.  Gross!