What does Courteous mean at the Movie Theatre?

Well….while no cell phones were ringing, there was plenty of talking at “The Strangers” tonight at the 7:20 showing in Chinatown at Regal.  It must be something about thriller/horror films that people need to talk through them to not be scared.  There were 3 guys behind me to were talking about everything…. predicting what would come next.  I only was surprised once to jump a bit in the movie.  There were some parts too where you could see the killer with a raised axe in the air.  What does one think would happen if an axe was held in the air?  Perhaps it would be brought down and make a noise?  Apparently those next to me and behind me who were talking or texting with their cell phone flash light did not have a clue.  The girls screamed and the guys got rowdy.

Sorry to complain so much, but while I looked back occasionally to show my annoyance, I did not say anything to them.  I wanted to leave, but Patrick, who really wanted to see the movie, was okay with staying.  It was so hard to hear the film at times with the guys behind us providing narration!

To conclude….those who get scared easily should NOT see scary movies!  Those who like to narrate should wait for the DVD release, turn on close captioning and off with the audio!  There is more to courteous than just not talking on your cell phone.  Perhaps that is a too complex word…and the theatre should say “No talking.”  IDK.  In any event, we will no longer be going back to Regal Gallery Place for scary / thriller type movies.  Basically kids seem to talk and any movie that would appeal to them should be seen elsewhere.

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