Failed Customer Service: Outback Steakhouse Arlington, VA

I added a note to my iPhone, but failed to blog about it.  This happened on May 15, my 30th Birthday.


Outback Steakhouse Arlington VA

Menus are now on tables to give to yourself – Sinking to a fast food level…soon they will be on a computer screen above you head.  LOL.

Waiter acknowledged us and came back later.  He took drinks apps and entree at once.  I forgot to mention a drink and he did not catch that until coming back with the others drinks and bread.

Our apps and salads that were ordered as sides came followed 2 Min later by dinner!

I mentioned we had not touched apps or salads yet and was offered to have my steak held under a heat lamp in the kitchen.  I declined as others were already served.

As dishes were emptied we put them on the booth ledge to make room.  They were not picked up 🙁  I then put them on the recently vacated neighboring table which had yet to be cleared.

While we were eating our entrees we were given refils even though we had not seen the waiter to check if we needed them or if the steaks 3 of us ordered were cooked correctly.

I was finishing up my cold steak as I had my salad and app first while the others broke into the blooming onion which had become their dessert when the check was delivered. Ugh!  I was a little shocked he did not ask the table of plate cleaned guys if they wanted dessert!

I forgot to mention that we asked for ketchup to the kitchen runner who brought out the plates and it never was brought.  I had offered my ketchup since I don’t eat it.

I was not paying but I think the tip would have been small.  The only other pet peeve of mine is clearing dinner plates while others are eating.  This was not done because no plates were cleared!

To end on a positive note we did not run out of beverages!

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