Failed Customer Service –

A few months ago I had to replace my lost Nalgene water bottle.  I picked up a new one at my local City Sports store.  Within a few weeks, the Nalgene logo was demolished.  I had it in my backpack and a can was rubbing on the label.  The label basically came off as easy as a scratch off lottery ticket!  I wrote to the company recalling the good quality in the past and asked for a replacement bottle.  No response.

Failed Customer Service – Safeway

Since I have many cases to list, I will start with the oldest one….

Last year I purchased food online from as I had a free delivery coupon to use.  There was a deal on soda where you buy 2 get 3 free or something similar.  They did not have what I wanted in stock and brought me what they had.  Needless to say, I did not end up with the appropriate number of 12 packs to get the deal and ended up paying more than $5 for some of them.  At this price it was not a deal at all.  I emailed customer support 2 times and never received a response.  I was nice in the first email and a little frustrated in the second.  My local store was not able to do anything since it was delivered from a different one.

Bike Purchase – 2008 Giant FCR 1

After much deliberation, I decided on the Giant FCR 1.  With an aluminum frame, v brakes, and a carbon fork and seat post, at 21.3 pounds, it was a better ride than the Jamis Coda Elite.  While the Jamis weighed only 3.7 pounds more and had my favorite brand of disk brake, the steel frame did not seem to make the ride any smoother.  In order to cut the weight I decided I could pass on the disk brakes and internal hub.

While I did get soaked without fenders, it takes me 14 minutes, as apposed to 18 to get to work.  I can also see myself riding for fun more than just to work.  I liked it so much I chose to ride in the rain to work the day after I purchased the bike!  

I do want to say that City Bikes is a great place!  They give everyone 30 days to try out their bike purchase and gave me no trouble when I returned it.  I truly was not happy and their policy has made me very happy even though they don’t carry the Giant brand.  

Today I signed up for Bike to Work Day… that I have a bike.  I am looking forward to meeting so many more that bike to work as I do.

Oh… remember why I got a bike in the first place?  Well, the bus route has changed quite a bit and last night the bus that was behind me most of the way home, was taking the old route.  It passed me half way home, but I still beat it to the bus stop as I travelled up Mass Ave 🙂  Needless to say, even if the bus route goes back, biking, while good for an old man like me turning 30 the day before Bike to Work Day, saves me time.