What not to do when working at a restaurant

Tonight on the way to the movie we ate at the Capital Brewery downtown near Chinatown.  We had a nice meal.  I prevented the waitress and bus boys from removing my entree dish as Patrick was still eating which is a pet peeve of mine as the last person eating feels rushed.

Patrick paid in cash for dinner and we both went to use the bathroom.  We came out, I saw our waitress and thanked her.  She had our check in her hand and with it opened asked me basically if we paid as the cash was no longer inside!  I got a little nervous, was surprised, and upset that the money was stolen!  I explained that we left her money and was a little annoyed that we would have to pay again.  Behind her was a waiter who was laughing and had the money in his hand.  She apologized, I gave an evil glance, the most evil I have ever dished out to the other waiter and vowed to not return again!

On the way out I was asked how the meal was, briefly described what just happened and said I would not come back.  He asked if we talked to a manager and I was so mad at the moment that I did not and just would not be back.  

Patrick did not know what happened and as we were walking to the theatre, I explained it and he said if he had know, he would have taken the money back and made the waiter who took the money pick up the dinner tab!  Why did I not think of that!  It would have taught him that that is not appropriate.  Not only was I upset, but the waitress thought we did not pay.


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