It took only 2 years…

There are some times when having a lot of data can be discouraging as well as daunting. This happened when I went to Disney World where I used a camcorder (with a tape) and told myself I would just take still images from the video for photos. In a way this would have been like Apple Live Photos where I could take the “shot” at any time. I don’t recall when that was, but I still have the tapes and never made a photo album. Sadly I never looked at the footage after.

A friend taught me in the last few years to stop taking so many photos and just make memories in my head so that I can enjoy the experience and not have my face in the viewfinder the whole time. Though those who take photos with a tablet….do look a little odd, but they do create a TV for those behind them so as not totally blocking the view.

So when I went to The Netherlands with my mother for my 40th birthday I told myself no photos. This time though instead of holding a video camera, I mounted my GOPro on my bike helmet and recorded the entire trip. Well, I didn’t quite have enough memory cards to capture the entire bike trip in 1080p.

I ended up with approximately 240GB of video with each 12 minute segment around 2GB each. I planned to share it with the others on the trip, but the longer I put it off, the less priority it took and at some point I had given up since the expectation to have shared the videos had passed. I didn’t have then, nor do I now, have enough storage space online to host all of the video clips which covered all of the time we were moving on the 6 days of biking during the trip.

Additionally after not having a functional website for 3 years, I decided to simplify it by not hosting a separate photo gallery and DVD catalog, which I at the time would take requests to let friends borrow from my extensive movie collection. I opted to save on hosting and go with just a WordPress site.

So here is the blog and here is a link to the videos page:

I posted videos of some interesting parts of the trip which include bicycle infrastructure, navigational mistakes, animal life, and of course windmills and ferries! I have a bad habit of yelling “Ricola” in tunnels and well, there was a great opportunity so that video is posted as well 🙂 Hint: Day 6 video 1.


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