Jason Clock’s Clock #2

As promised…Clock 2.

I have been to the MoMA in NY, but not sure if I saw this clock there or if my Google searches for interesting clocks, which I do on occasion, turned up this unique clock and referred me to the most cost effective option.

Clock #2 MoMA Dial Clock by Eric Janssen


March 2015 at a now defunct online store. I tried to order a second clock from Amazon, but I ended up with some very expensive networking cables so it seems that Amazon does not have everything. A recent search today also comes up with nothing and that includes eBay that claims to have everything, well you can “search” for anything.


Designed by NY designer Eric Janssen, this analog clock tells time in a unique way. There is a single red line at Twelve O’Clock that indicates the time. There are 60 minutes on the inner dial and twelve hours on the outside dial, both of which move clockwise.

To tell the time you just look at the red line and take the lowest of the hour numbers being displayed and then with the minute markings, can get the minutes very precisely. In the photo above it is just about 3:58. While there is no AM or PM indicator on this clock, unless you are in an underground bunker, or like my World Jamboree trip with the Boy Scouts in 1995 where I took a nap after a flight to London and work up a few hours later panicking that I had missed the bus only to discover it was 7 PM :), it is not an issue.

Current Usage

Just like most of the clocks I have, they are decorative and potential conversation starters. I like many have resorted to my cell phone for alarms since it is generally nearby and adjusts automatically for daylight savings time. A discussion for a later time, but I propose we get rid of daylight savings and time zones for that matter to make meeting scheduling with global partners easier. Let’s use GMT as the starting point.

At the moment the clock is in my living room above my TV. I actually have a charged battery in it so it does show the current time. My Cuckoo Clock is ticking away, but since I turn it off to get some sleep, will never show the correct time until I have a soundproof location to set it up.


For next week I have a few clocks to choose from, but I think I will discuss my bicycle clock.

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