Jason Clock’s Clock #1

Perhaps this comes as a surprise, but with a last name “Clock” I have had some timely jokes over the years from people asking me for the time or expectations of punctuality which I do try to be.

Now that I have a functional website again, it’s time to start a new category. Wait for it…. yep, Jason’s clocks.

I have a fair number of clocks to one day display in a soundproof room dedicated to them :). For now I just have the noisy electronic clocks on a 12 hour cycle so I don’t have to set them each day. Thankfully there is no AM or PM designation on these.

The entries that follow are in no particular order though I will try to give some context on when I acquired them and if known, the date and country of manufacture. If there are any clock aficionados out there, please help by fact checking and filling in missing information if possible.

Clock #1 W. German Cuckoo Clock


July 2018 in Columbus Ohio at an auction house / consignment boutique. I was visiting some friends and found this in a rather large antique store on final sale. I believe I paid roughly $30 for the clock as it was subsequently marked down as if it were a floor model in a retail furniture store lowered every few days until someone decided it was worth it. This process seems very equitable with the most profit going to the seller, but eventually selling. Like online auctions where there is an option to buy it now or place a bid, or offering a lower price, waiting for the price to drop to what you are willing to pay may result in you missing out.


Based on some websites it seems that this clock was made after 1970. Based on the “W. Germany” designation on the face I would think it was fabricated before the unification of Germany in 1990.

The clock requires the metal pinecone weights to be raised each day. Each hour the door above the analog clock opens and “cuckoos” once for each hour with a single “cuckoo” on the half hour.

Current Usage

I will have to admit that I use this clock for some background noise and since I live in a small apartment, with no way to have the bird go to sleep at night, I stop the clock when sleeping. While I cannot look at the clock for the time, it does remind me every passing hour (and 30 minutes) on days when I’m at home. Unlike many, I continue to go into work during the pandemic so I don’t go “Cuckoo.”


For next week I’ll move from this novel and touristy clock to a more contemporary one from the Museum of Modern Art in NYC.

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