Review: Shutter Island

Usually I tend to spend quite a bit of time with movie reviews, but for this one…. not so much.

I was somehow under the “Horror Movie” impression going in and came out with a “Psychological.”  I thought it would fit under “Psychological Thriller,” but I cannot say it was that thrilling or edge of seat gripping.

I had a hard time discerning what was “real” and what was “created.”  Perhaps it all was created.

All in all it was a decent movie graphically, but I was not so into the plot. I enjoy true stories, and unless I missed the “Based on a true story” comment at the beginning, this one was not.

Next Tech Purchase

I have been relatively conservative with my tech purchases recently and have had my eye on a few things…

  1. 400 Disk Blu-Ray DVD Changer $633 (Waiting until below $300)
  2. 1 TB External Portable HD $113 (Auction, waiting until below $100)
  3. 256 GB USB Key (I would like 1 TB, but can settle for this one.)  $879 from Newegg with FREE SHIPPING!!!! Glad shipping is Free, It would be too expensive otherwise ;P
  4. Internal 1 TB Laptop Hard Drive just to give my laptop a whopping big drive, though I doubt the BIOS can handle it. (Does not seem to exist yet, only as a portable external in item 2 above.)

I was joking about the USB Key.  For that chunk of change I would get a fully loaded iPad!!!  Something else I don’t really need.  People have been asking me when I am going to get one, and I really don’t have an intent at this time.  I have an iPhone, and I have a Macbook Air, which give me apps and portability.  It also allows me to leave my reading glasses and tiny keyboard fingers at home. LOL

Starbucks to offer “il secchio di caffè” in Washington, DC

Many of you have heard that Starbucks has offered a 32 oz beverage size to compete with McDonalds.  Termed the “trenta,” this size is being test marketed in California.

We in the Nation’s Capital are calling for a larger size for those long commutes into the city.  We suggest the “secchio.”  Italian for Bucket or Pail, this larger size should be able to keep us awake during our 10 mile commute which can take 2 or 3 hours during rush hour.  The only problem?  Drinking that much is going to make urinals a necessity on buses, and many passenger vehicles, or perhaps evenly spaced port-a-potties along freeways across the Metro DC area.