Next Tech Purchase

I have been relatively conservative with my tech purchases recently and have had my eye on a few things…

  1. 400 Disk Blu-Ray DVD Changer $633 (Waiting until below $300)
  2. 1 TB External Portable HD $113 (Auction, waiting until below $100)
  3. 256 GB USB Key (I would like 1 TB, but can settle for this one.)  $879 from Newegg with FREE SHIPPING!!!! Glad shipping is Free, It would be too expensive otherwise ;P
  4. Internal 1 TB Laptop Hard Drive just to give my laptop a whopping big drive, though I doubt the BIOS can handle it. (Does not seem to exist yet, only as a portable external in item 2 above.)

I was joking about the USB Key.  For that chunk of change I would get a fully loaded iPad!!!  Something else I don’t really need.  People have been asking me when I am going to get one, and I really don’t have an intent at this time.  I have an iPhone, and I have a Macbook Air, which give me apps and portability.  It also allows me to leave my reading glasses and tiny keyboard fingers at home. LOL

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