Yeah Yep Cool Girl

Joys of Public Transportation

I have been riding my bike to work for close to 3 years now and wanted to list a few pros and cons…


  • A Wee Bit Cold in the Winter
  • Free Shower in the Summer


  • No Waiting
  • Cheaper
  • No nose in smelly arm pits.  (Okay so since I am tall I don’t have that issue)
  • Faster
  • Exercise
  • Chatting it up with fellow cyclists
  • Racing cars at lights  (Just Kidding)

and… No Yeah Yep Cool Girl!

Of course there are countless benefits of riding a bike.  I had to ride the bus to work a few times while dealing with a medical issue and boy, did I regret it.

It’s one thing when everyone has headphones on, but something about a cell phone conversation early in the morning really got under my skin.  I am polite and did not say anything, though I did nod my head in agreement with the conversation 🙂  I do find it very rude for people to have cell phone conversations or loud face to face conversations on public transit.  This time I was particularly annoyed…

  1. She was “like” yeah, you know.  LOL
  2. She kept saying “yeah, “yep,” and “cool” to her mother.  Granted my mom was an English major and told me the word was “Yes.”
  3. She said she was vegan and her mother was asking her all sorts of questions about groceries that she needed to get for her when home for the holidays.  What I thought was particularly funny is that she said “The grocery store near us does not have anything for me to eat.”  Okay, so they may not carry vegan chicken wings, but honestly….doesn’t half of everyone’s diet contain fruits and veggies?  I find it hard to believe a store would not carry those.  LOL  Perhaps she recently became a vegan, because when her mom asked her what kind of vegan cheese she wanted, she had no idea.

That’s It..

Not much in this blog post, but it was so memorable I needed to let the world know.  I don’t think a short phone conversation with high school level grammar would have bothered me, but a conversation that lasted the entire bus ride early in the am….just drove me to blog!



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