Movie Review: Argo

So I decided not to spoil the movie for anyone, but I just wanted to make one comment…..

“So that is why there are so many bad Sci-Fi movies.”


Iranian Hostage Crisis in the late 1970s and early 1980s.   While I was alive during that time, I don’t recall hearing much about it.  Granted, how much would a 1 year old retain 🙂 As with any foreign hostage situation, I would hope the goal of the government would be to attempt to free the hostages and return them to their home country.  This movie was no different.


Since I don’t recall much about the crisis, I don’t think we covered this in social studies in grade school, I lacked a real connection to the movie.  Just like the landing on the moon, I believe if you were paying attention to those events on the news as they unfolded, you would enjoy this movie more.

However I have a weakness for “True Stories” or movies “Based on true events.”  Granted hopefully movies are a little more aligned with true events than the songs   “Inspired by the motion picture soundtrack.” 🙂

Overall Impression

From what I could tell the cinematography was accurate and very well done.   It is always hard to do movies that take place during an earlier period since you need to get the props to match.   There must be a stockpile in Hollywood of so much stuff since I really doub’t you can find new “vintage” Star War sheets 🙂

While websites say “Must Go,” I would say “Go” if you like a true story.  It moves a little slowly, but unlike Titanic, I did not look at my watch in hopes it would end. Kudos that my attention was kept!  Granted had I received a text message and the associated vibration in my pocket, I might have taken a minute to see who it was.  Now, if you recall the events from that time period, probably would be a “Must Go” if not only for fact checking and accuracy of clothing style.

As far as Ben Affleck winning an award for the movie…..have to see what else it is up against.  I don’t think I will be waiting for this movie to come out at the RedBox, since I already saw it in the theatre, and this is not the kind of movie that I will run out and buy.  If you don’t see it in theatres and are a history buff, definitely worth looking renting it when it comes to your local video store, Redbox weeks later, or Netflix the following year 🙂

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