How can thieves sleep at night?

Honey…I can’t sleep

While I cannot go into much detail since there was a police investigation initiated, but how do thieves sleep?  I guess it all depends on how you are brought up, but there is no way I could steal anything and not feel so guilty about it.  I have witnessed quite a few things over the years “grow legs and walk off.”  Something as cheap as an Ethernet cable.  If it were me, each time I used it, I would feel guilty.  Is the guilty feeling really worth a $5 Ethernet cable?

Caught in the act

The local police spotted the thieves and they have been apprehended.  I am hoping that my computer is among the retrieved and still functional.  There was no forced who knows, if they were not caught in the act…how many offices would have been ransacked! Can you really be that stupid?  Besides the moral implications, the thieves pretty much have ruined their lives as they will likely be fired and not be able to get a job.


So…quite a few changes are being initiated.  Machines will be locked down to hopefully prevent theft in the future.  I also plan to secure my backup drive.  Thankfully my backup drive was left and still functions.  Being a Mac, my computer was backed up and it will be easy for me to import all of my profile settings, applications, and files if it is necessary to get a new computer.

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