27 March 2012 – Updated MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

Available in store March 27th

The last time I was looking at the refurbished products on the Apple store site I was considering an iPad 2. It was $50 less than the new ones. I noticed that there was now an option to pickup refurbished items in the store.

Check Availability

After entering my zip code, I selected a nearby store and was provided 16 March 2012 as the availability. I clicked on another store with the same result. I thought… Hmm, odd how the stores are all getting stock of the same refurbished item on the same day.

Release Date

A few days later, the new iPad was announced and go figure, the release date….. 16 March 2012. So, when I was looking at a refurbished MacBook Pro and a MacBook Air, I again noticed a store pickup option. I did not expect the availability of both to be the same date. So this could be a coincidence, or could be the date the models get a refresh.

Going to wait

Needless to say I’m going to hold off and wait until at least March 27th to see what is “in store” for Apple 🙂

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