Volunteer Update

5 Years

I have been keeping track of my volunteer contacts since 24 March 2007.  This was also the time I started to volunteer at the National Zoo and the National Air and Space Museum.  It is amazing that I have been volunteering for such a long time.  I have been in DC for about 5.5 years now, since Sept 2006.


The number of people I have interacted with during my volunteer activities.  I thought a a goal of 1 million was not going to be such a big feat since 1 million dollars seems like nothing to some individuals, but it has taken a long time.


  • 140611 Air and Space Greeting
  • 1150 Air and Space Education
  • 37383 Zoo Interpreting
  • 49 Tours at Zoo
  • 4315 Washington Area Bike Association
  • 2859 Other (National Park Service, Zoo Special Events)
  • 1412.5 Hours
  • $135 in tour donations

My initial goal was 35 years, and I was able to lower that to 25 years based on a larger subset of data.  Based on a rate of 102 per day, it is going to take me 21.8 more years.

~21.8 years to go

While it does seem like a long way to do, I do enjoy volunteering and look forward to “clicking” 1 million times 🙂

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