Bike Stickers Arrived!!


After daily tracking on Fedex…my stickers finally arrived from California via an online print site.


So I have been telling people for a while now that my bike is a true “natural gas vehicle.”  I am more so when consuming products containing lactose.  LOL. Okay, that was too much information.    Fifty miles per burrito seemed about right.

I went searching for a sticker to that affect that I could put on my bike.  I came across one that was pretty plain, but got the point across.  They were $2 each with a high shipping charge. While there was a decent discount when I added 50 to my cart, it did not seem worth it since my goal was to hand them out to friends, colleagues, and random bike commuters that I joined waiting for the light to change.

Vehicle Fuel Economy

I modeled my sticker after the one you see on new vehicles at the car dealership to give a little more realism to my idea.  I was torn between an Eco-friendly theme and a food inspired one.  I was looking to make a small label, about the size of a return address label, which could be easily affixed to a bikes top tube.

More uses

So I was doing some thinking and realized that they can be affixed to skate boards, wheel chairs, those 2 wheeled, now clearance priced Razor Scooters, runners, walkers, and electric vehicles.

Want one?

The bargain shopper I am said, why order 100 when you can order 2500!  So I have about 2499 extra ones to give away.  Well actually I have about 10,000 total since my sticker is meant to be cut up into quarters to be the right size for a bike top tube which is where I envisioned them going.  Kind of like how a new car has a fuel economy sticker on the window at the dealership.

So, if you want one, let me know and I will send you one or two if you have a friend.  It would really be cool to see these all over the country / world as I have no monetary motive, just a good sense of humor / environmental vein 🙂

The sticker

Here it is….

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