Bike Stickers Arrived!!


After daily tracking on Fedex…my stickers finally arrived from California via an online print site.


So I have been telling people for a while now that my bike is a true “natural gas vehicle.”  I am more so when consuming products containing lactose.  LOL. Okay, that was too much information.    Fifty miles per burrito seemed about right.

I went searching for a sticker to that affect that I could put on my bike.  I came across one that was pretty plain, but got the point across.  They were $2 each with a high shipping charge. While there was a decent discount when I added 50 to my cart, it did not seem worth it since my goal was to hand them out to friends, colleagues, and random bike commuters that I joined waiting for the light to change.

Vehicle Fuel Economy

I modeled my sticker after the one you see on new vehicles at the car dealership to give a little more realism to my idea.  I was torn between an Eco-friendly theme and a food inspired one.  I was looking to make a small label, about the size of a return address label, which could be easily affixed to a bikes top tube.

More uses

So I was doing some thinking and realized that they can be affixed to skate boards, wheel chairs, those 2 wheeled, now clearance priced Razor Scooters, runners, walkers, and electric vehicles.

Want one?

The bargain shopper I am said, why order 100 when you can order 2500!  So I have about 2499 extra ones to give away.  Well actually I have about 10,000 total since my sticker is meant to be cut up into quarters to be the right size for a bike top tube which is where I envisioned them going.  Kind of like how a new car has a fuel economy sticker on the window at the dealership.

So, if you want one, let me know and I will send you one or two if you have a friend.  It would really be cool to see these all over the country / world as I have no monetary motive, just a good sense of humor / environmental vein 🙂

The sticker

Here it is….

Multi Use Path Courtesy

Since today was beautiful, took a rather scenic walk with the dog through Rock Creek Park by the Smithsonian National Zoo.  Of course, you simply needed to walk outside of you did not check the weather forecast to know that it is shorts and t-shirt weather 🙂

“Passing on your left”

Proper trail etiquette dictates that when you are passing someone, usually from behind, you always pass on the left side and provide an audible signal to that effect.   Since bells are required in the District of Columbia and many other states, a simple “ping” is all that is needed.  Of course, saying “Passing on your left” will help those unaccustomed to the bell signal.


Here goes. The list of those who signaled they were passing when approaching from behind.


Yes  7  33%

No  14  67%


Yes  0

No  11   100%

One runner had to stop because my dog was in the way and shook his head in disgust as he continued running.  Hmm…had you let me know you were coming and passed on the left and not the right, you might not have been inconvenienced by my dog.

Moral of the story

When you are passing someone in a car, on a bike, in a stroller, or jogging, kindly signal that you are passing and always pass on the left side. 🙂  Not only will it make your trip more enjoyable, you will avoid 99.9% of crashes t00!