Did you or someone you know…

I am a non attorney spokesperson…

Okay, unless you don’t watch TV at all or listen to the radio, you probably have seen those commercials talking about law suits for bad drugs, exposure to chemicals, or weird shoes which have been shown to cause health issues.  While the issues are very serious and I do feel very bad for those affected and hope these lawyers can help those affected in some way, I do think there is a ridiculous number of them.

I imagine the day when there will be something similar to the following…

Attention Air Breathing Residents of Planet Earth

If you or someone you know was alive and took a breath of air on 11.11.2124, you may have been exposed to cosmic radiation caused by depletion of ozone linked to combustion vehicles.

Call now to see if you were in a portion of the earth affected by Ozone depletion on that date.

Join the class action lawsuit if you did not own a car.  If you did own a car from 1990 – 2125 with a hybrid or combustion engine, you are automatically entered as a defendant as you are responsible for the generation of green house gasses, depletion of the Ozone layer, and therefore the health of the oxygen breathing inhabitants of the planet.

Far fetched?

Okay, so that probably won’t happen, or if it does, unless we have quantum leaps in medicine, we won’t be alive.