Good thing bikes don’t have cruise control

Below is a recount of my ride home from the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum this afternoon.

3:15 pm

Left the museum to take my normally uneventful commute home from my day of volunteering.

3:20 pm

Watched as a Pedicab goes through a red light on Pennsylvania Ave.  I was hoping he was not “hired,” but unfortunately there was a family in the back.  Why risk the lives of others, let alone your life!

3:22 pm

Almost hit a pedestrian who was walking down the center of the Pennsylvania bike lane texting as he walked. Honestly!  Did he think it was a sidewalk?  Maybe want to be paying a bit of attention if you are in the middle of the road?

3:24 pm

Still on Pennsylvania Avenue….might have been hit had I not been paying attention and noticed a car making an illegal U-Turn.

3:35 pm

Near the end of the 15th street cycletrack, concierge hails a cab for some guests, but they don’t even look before they walk in front of me to get in the cab.

3:45 pm

At 15th and P Streets NW, pedestrians hail a cab and the taxi pulls over blocking the bike lane to load luggage and passengers.


I have concluded that if cyclists were in some way distracted, there would be many more collisions with pedestrians and vehicles.  Inventors, please don’t make a 4 wheel bike or cruise control.  LOL.

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