Website Update

Besides a few images or movie updates, I really have not changed my website since its creation in 2008.  For years later, it is time to start updating it with the new cool things like social media buttons so people can “like” or “tweet” me.


So this is something I have wanted to do for many years, but did not have the knowledge at the time or perhaps the driving need, but it really does look nice when you have many different content streams all looking the same on a site.

My Goal

Ultimately I would probably like to have a background image and floating content like many sites out there.  I even think MySpace had that option many moons ago.

I would like to have multiple columns of data and the main page having my most recent photos, blog entries, movie updates, etc.


Last night with the help of WordPress FAQs and a very helpful external link off that page, I was able to integrate what I think is the first page of my blog, the posts anyway, into my site.  Since the code does not show a number and the number displayed is the same I am assuming if I change any options in WordPress to the number or length of posts on the main page, it will also change my site.

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