Amazon Kindle Silences Cell Phone Speakers

The Disclaimer the only reason I am posting this is because it is soo odd.   I do pretty much all of my shopping on Amazon 🙂

The Discovery

After setting an alarm on his cell phone, Chris D. woke up late only to discover that the alarm had gone off according to the screen display, but there was no audio.    His cell phone was resting on his Kindle Fire.

The Deduction

When your cell phone touches your Amazon Kindle, the speakerphone ceases to function. Notification sounds are not heard.

The Experiment

Test subject 1

Name: Chris D….

Phone model: unknown

Kindle Model: Kindle Fire.

Test: Alarm set to wake from nap to come to work last night…was not heard, but visible that alarm sounded on screen.  Was late to work, but excused due to this strange observation.

Conclusion:  Speakerphone Malfunction.

Test Subject 2

Name: Roommate

Phone Model: Verizon Droid

Kindle Model: unknown

Test: Alarm set on phone.  Phone placed on Kindle.  Alarm went off, but no audio heard.

Conclusion:  Speakerphone malfunction.


The Conclusion

So…While it may be some weird interference in their house since both subjects were in the same residence, it seems to be that the Amazon Kindle somehow wants to be the “Alpha” electronic device and seems to silence others, or perhaps is the “King” and other devices bow down as loyal subject of the court should 🙂

The Credit

Thanks to Chris D. for the testing and sharing his findings.  Too bad he was late to work due to the strange phenomenon!

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