What is this about Energy from Canada?

So I just saw this commercial by the “Petroleum Companies” asking President Obama to sign some bill to build a new pipeline which will create American Jobs.  What a load of crap!

More Jobs

I love how everyone uses the “more jobs” argument.  Sure, anything that requires humans will create jobs, but does that mean we should do it?


For a long time the US has been known to consume much more food and resources per capita than any other country in the World.  Why is it so hard for us to be self sufficient?  Wouldn’t it be ideal if we did not have to rely on other countries for anything?

Think about it….if we produced all products locally, we would increase the number of jobs in this country exponentially!  Just think about how many products we buy are imported?

OIL – Seriously, why are we so slow to find alternate energy sources.  We continue to be brainwashed by “Clean Coal” and other statements of job creation using finite natural resources?

Solar and Wind

Why are we not tapping solar and wind energy, truly renewable resources which have little or no impact on the environment!  Shouldn’t we invest in solar panel technology which could be used in place of Windows?  How much glass is used on the exterior or buildings these days?  In the country side, conventional solar panels could be used and wind turbines would be very effective.

Money Talks

Granted I don’t have facts to prove it, but you have to wonder how much money is being invested by companies to slow down our progress in energy efficiency and sustainability.

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