CaBi vs Giant

Lately I have been opting for Capital BikeShare over my personal Giant bike.  I always thought CaBi would be my savior late at night or when needing a one way ride, but recently I have been using Capital Bikeshare much more for the following reasons.

  • More Stations
  • More Bikes
  • More Station Balancing

Along with the original reasons

  • Zero Maintenance
  • No Theft Potential
  • No Batteries for Lights

The expansion of the Bike Share system has really alleviated the number of empty or full racks by the addition or expansion of stations and additional bikes.  Granted this comes in the winter and perhaps ridership is down due to the cooler temps, but recently whenever I have wanted a bike, there has been one, sometimes only one, and always a spot in my destination rack 🙂  Before the expansion, I was able to walk past 3 empty stations on my way to work and ended up just taking public transportation.  I sometimes will supplement my travels with a CaBi leg to additional transportation.

Go CaBi

So…hats off to d. and Bike Arlington for making this system one that will be around for good, unlike the first stab at bike shared called “Smart Bike” which was added by d. in order to give Clear Channel Communications advertizing rights on the bus stations.

Find someway to provide sanitized helmets and the system would seem perfect 🙂

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