20 Years Ago Did You…

It has become pretty hilarious recently seeing all of the ads for different law firms claiming they can help you get your piece of millions of dollars if you or a loved one….

Have you seen these ads?

  • Mesothelioma – Asbestos exposure
  • DePuy Artificial Hip – Defective causing cancer
  • Used a Pelvis Sling?

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Be sure you document everything you eat and do as you could be awarded money years from now. LOL  I am kidding, but it is unfortunate to see the different recalls and health hazards that have come to light years later.

  • Used Topomax for Epilepsy/ Migraines – Cleft palate and other birth defects

Day 1 Lactose Free….

After doing some digging….and after Gluten Free did not seem to have any affect, time to give up the lactose, and not milk for a few weeks to see if I am less congested and have some sense of smell.  For years my inability to smell has been a blessing most of the time, but sometimes I missed a good smell.


I have not been so keen on Soy, so I started with the lactose free milk from the grocery store.  Seems to be about the same price, $8 per Gallon.  Ouch!