Recycling in Reboboth Beach

One bin recycling or trash can?

Granted I am a conspiracy theorist, but after recycling in separate bins growing up and seeing “recycling” trucks in DC look just like garbage trucks and seem to see trash bins and recycle bins being dumped into the same truck I am a bit suspicious when I see a trash dumpster labeled to accept paper, cardboard, aluminum, glass, and plastic.  Not only is the container the same one used for trash, but I think it would be hard to separate paper from containers when I believe they use hot water in the automated sorting process.  It would seem to be easier to keep paper and cardboard dry and separated.

DC also allows all in one bin

So I just checked the DC Department of Public Works and they say you can put the rinsed containers in the same bin as paper and cardboard as long as you are residential.  My building sent out a notice that you need to keep them separated.  Apparently the contracted service, required for commercial properties, has different rules.

Not for Commercial…

The next time I see the truck come to my building I will have to check out the company name and then try to find out where they take the recyclables to see why separation is necessary.  The management company claimed that if inspected the they are not separated correctly, the company would get fined and if known, would pass the fine on to the resident.

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