Reasons to Live in Delaware

No Sales Tax!

After paying 10% tax on food in DC, it was so nice to not pay any sales tax at restaurants or retail stores. There is only property tax which seemed pretty cheap looking at the houses for sale and tax estimates.  One strange thing with the tax is that asphalt and concrete surfaces are considered “livable space” and are taxed.  This is why there were so many gravel driveways, or driveways that were partly paved and then gravel to the road.


One of my favorite spots for ice cream sundaes, I had not seen them outside of NY on the way down to DC and was so happy to see on in Rehoboth!  The first time I was there, I had a 5 scoop sundae with 2 scoops cookie dough, 2 cookies and cream, one mint chocolate chip with Reeces Pieces and extra peanut butter topping 🙂  Yum!

Outlet Malls..Even QVC?!

So I don’t go shopping for clothes much, but if I had a tax free outlet mall a few minutes away….I might not keep underwear for as many years 🙂  Just kidding, I order those online.  LOL  Granted I do have some restraint when shopping.  I typically shop the sales rack in the stores so not only do I get clothes that were popular a few years ago which are no longer making them unique, but I save around 75% that way.  For example I got a pair of Khaki’s which were a little tight, but for $2.98 from Banana Republic, what a deal!  Polo shirts… $9.99 the next trip.

QVC Outlet?  Yeah, there is one.  It seems to be returns / discontinued items only, but was cool going through the stuff.  Since I have never ordered from QVC, it was interesting seeing the quality or lack thereof of the products.  If it seems to be to good to be true….it is!

No Helmet Law for Mopeds?

Perhaps they were just kids not abiding by the law, but I saw many without any helmets on.  I have heard that many states don’t require helmets,  but you would think that since they move fast with traffic that you would want to wear one.

Bike Friendly

  • Shared turn / Bike Lanes on major routes
  • Signed no bikes or skateboards on sidewalks

Republican State

Based on the number of Anti-Obama shirts for sale, one can gather 🙂

2.5 Scenic Hours from DC

While I may never be able to own a house in Rehoboth Beach, it is only a few hours a way on mostly back roads / small highways which seemed to pass the time.

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