Lou’s City Bar

Great Good and Value

After a long Sunday, starting at 5:30 AM with a 62 mile bike ride and volunteering at the Capital Pride Festival, I was tired and hungry!  I had wanted to try the new sports bar in Columbia Heights and finally had the chance.  It is located near the metro next to the now closed “Commonwealth Gastro Pub.”

Walking by

Walking by I always noticed the large flat screens in the covered outdoor seating area which seemed to be unique.  I would think they would not be out if the weather was poor, but it was certainly a nice touch for those patrons who wanted the fresh air and a view of the game.

Sports Bar….

We had dinner around 8 PM and it happened to be NBA Finals and all of the TVs were changed to the same station and the young fans started pouring in.  We definitely got there at the right time!


The prices seemed very reasonable and there was a specials board outside which added to the single page menu.   I enjoy American food so there were plenty of $10 burgers and salads along with dinner entrees.  My stomach was definitely talking even though I just ate 6 hours before at Buffalo Wild Wings after the Air Force Crystal Ride.

The 3 course price fixe menu drew my attention at only $25.  For that price you got…

  1. Salad: House or Caesar
  2. Entree: Ribs, 16 oz Porterhouse Steak, or 16 oz NY Strip and 2 sides
  3. Dessert: Chocolate Mousse, Apple Pie a la mode, Brownie marshmallow thing, all but one dessert item was eligible.

I was full!

It was a great deal.  The salad was large, the 16 oz steak was very tender and the sides of mac and cheese and fries came on separate plates and were very generous.  The Mac and Cheese seemed to be homemade, but pretty plain.  Only one cheese and it was more creamy than cheesy.  There was no oil floating in it which is characteristic of cheesier versions.  I have a weakness for even boxed versions though, so I was happy 🙂

Dessert… 🙁

While the portion was very generous, the whipped topping and the mousse were not homemade.  The mousse seemed a bit “gritty.”  My partner is a chef and after he tasted it told me it was that way because it was a mix.  Needless to say I did not finish all of the mousse since it tasted a bit odd, but I did leave stuffed.

Okay, so I do like chocolate mousse and have made it from scratch on occasion since it is rather easy.

  • Egg Yolks
  • Egg Whites
  • Heavy Cream
  • Melted Chocolate

Whip and mix them all together and refrigerate and viola!

Go 🙂

Great value, good food, and sports.  Give them a try!

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