$1 Dogs, Peanuts, Corn, and Tickets!


Granted the $1 tickets sold out and were likely in the upper deck where you likely needed binoculars to see anything, but I was surprised to see at some popular food items were very reasonable.

Being my first and sadly probably only Nats game due to the cost of good tickets (was able to snag 2nd row home dugout tickets on stub hub for about half price plus close to 50% fees) and knowing the cost of food and beverage at concerts, parks, and sporting events, had a burger at home before heading out to the Navy Yark for the game last night.

$1 Dogs

Upon entering we discovered signs for $1 snacks.  I saw “While Supplies Last” and thought to myself, hmm…I bet the first 1o dogs of the night were $1, but 5 innings later, was able to snag them.  If there was not a limit of 2 per trip, I am sure we could have organized a hot dog eating contest!  Popcorn and peanuts were also offered at $1 which included the tax.  Just needed cracker jacks and you could have had been “taken out to the ball game” for just $3 with a ticket!

Great Seats!

I was a bit worried with the rain since I was guessing the tickets I bought online were indeed season tickets from some ticket holder who happened to either hate the Pirates or was out of town and would not be able to exchange them for the same seats anyway.  The guys next to us were surprised by the location so I am guessing they were not “regulars” either to ask them.

While it was hard to tell if the ball was too far inside or outside, we were basically at eye level with catcher, batter and umpire to see if it could be a strike.  From the view we had…..let’s just be thankful that the cheer girls were not wearing skirts 🙂


Costco Watch out!?

If you are a Costco shopper, you have likely been lured over to the cafeteria.  I think the best deal up there is a huge kosher hot dog and fountain drink with refills for just $1.50.  For just a $1 you can get a dog at the Nats on special nights, but if you were to add say a bottled 20 oz Coke, you will be paying a whopping $5.50!  Costco is safe 🙂

Nats Win!

Off to a slow start, some home runs made the game more exciting and a win for the “home team” and cooperating weather and surprisingly good metro service made it a great night!

And just to prove it….here is a photo of me holding a dollar dog from my seat 🙂



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