27% of Americans don’t think the US will be around in 100 years

Granted this was on “The Power of 10” back in 2007 and I saw the re-run on GSN last night, but I was shocked!

The question

“What percentage of Americans believe the United States will exist as a country in 100 years?”


I don’t recall the exact number, but it was in the 70 – 80% range.


My thoughts in the matter…

  • Global warming may sink Hawaiian Islands, Florida, and California among others.
  • Plate Tectonics may shift Alaska off North America.
  • Texas may secede and become it’s own country.  (They can already form a militia and fly their state flag at the same level as the US flag.)
  • The District of Columbia may someday become a state and have some representation in politics besides having all political matters reviewed by Congress.
  • The Dakota’s may become one to encourage tourism to the northern half 🙂


While the number of states may change, I believe the name “United States of America” will be used for the unforeseeable future to represent a country, even if not in the present form.   It would have been curious to see of those who disagreed in the pole, what the demographics were of the group.  Women, Men, Young Adults, etc.

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