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What does that sign mean?


There have been many new street signs going up in the District of Columbia and many more are being updated with labels.  I was walking down a side street in NW between 16th and 13th above Meridian Hill Park and discovered the following sign.  I attempted to contact d. and chose the correct category “Parking Enforcement” and was provided the following voice mail reply.  If anyone can help me understand what the “Except Tuesday 7 AM – 7 PM” means it would be much appreciated.

Voice mail response to my inquiry….


Which should not come to parking enforcement in the first place, but since it did I will explain it to you.   The except to is for permit holders for street cleaning.  Tuesday is the only day you can park on that side of the street from 7 AM – 7 PM.  That’s it.  The signage is very clear.  People get confused by multiple signs and not understand.  There is nothing confusing about the signage and have to close this request since it has nothing to do with parking enforcement.  Thank You Good Bye.


There was a little more about street cleaning in the middle, but it was confusing to listen to.  It was in reference to parking on the opposite side of the street from the cleaning.


Sorry I contacted the wrong department, I will just call 311 next time to get to the right place, but I was not even told where I should have emailed or if they wanted me to submit a photo which I had told them I could email.

I don’t think the signage or the response I received from d. was clear and would like to hear others opinions on the matter.

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