Dumb Comcast Commercials

Hopefully you don’t have Comcast, but if you do, you have probably seen their large number of Ads.  What I think is really funny is that they run so many ads on their own network!  Perhaps to get those watching at a bar to sign up when they get home, but honestly, this is the reason I don’t watch TV.  You pay a fortune for cable only to see tons of commercials.


Hmm….I wonder if the Comcast site will give you pros and cons to both Verizon FioS and Comcast Xfinity.  Seriously doubt it.  I do have to say these comercials, especially the one where the salesman is in the hot tub with a couple and another where he is stuffing a doughnut into his mouth.

Bottom Line…Don’t let commercials influence you…there are always asterisks, super small print or quickly spoken language that makes them all the same 🙂  Do like State Farm Insurance recommends….ask your family and friends and check out reviews from “real” people.


Hopefully you did not think Comcast employed a Verizon tech to star in a commercial, but you would think the US Postal Service would take some of their massive workforce to star in their own commercials instead of paying the same actor who is the FioS dude in Comcast commercials.

I just thought it was funny to see the actor in both of the commercials 🙂

Bottom Line…

Dump your cable provider, save some money, and watch free over the air digital TV and your other favorite shows and sporting events online 🙂

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