Tmobile Gets iPhone!


After many years of waiting, I can finally get an iPhone from Tmobile! Okay, so not really, but if AT&T buys Tmobile and dissolves its identity which seems to be common in the wireless industry, but less common in Banking (Wachovia…a Division of Wells Fargo), then indeed my plan will become AT&T and I will be able to get an iPhone.

Anti Trust or Network Congestion?

Apparently their is worry that the bandwidth used by smartphones will not be adequate enough and become too expensive for consumers to meet their needs.  The solution to network congestion seems to be, “raise the price until fewer can afford it.”  Seems like a good plan as I would drop my data plan if it cost me more than $10 a month.

In a recent article, it seems that AT&T may indeed be using this bandwidth notion to help the Government overlook the fact that if completed, the merger would make AT&T the largest holding more than 50% of all subscribers.  Verizon would be a close second.  By combining the two networks, there will be fewer networks competing for the bandwidth.

Grandfather Plan

According to my recent trip into the local Tmobile store, a “Grandfather Plan” will be offered and as long as you don’t make any changes, you won’t be affected by the typically higher service prices of AT&T.

Tmobile in Trouble?

I too do miss seeing Catherine Zeta-Jones as the spokeswoman, but really, will the good rates and coverage, was very surprised to hear that Tmobile was in financial trouble.  Apparently the US wing of Deutsche Telekom has not been doing well and the German company is looking to chop off an arm and sell.

Either way I still use an iPhone

Regardless of the Government ruling, I am just glad that AT&T and Tmobile use similar technologies so I can still use my friends old AT&T iPhone with my Tmobile SIM 🙂

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