Review: Red Riding Hood

Watching the preview you may ask, is this movie about the fairy tale we all know?  The answer is yes, only it has been enhanced to make it a feature length film.


Rustic village in an undisclosed location, the community lives in fear of a Werewolf that comes on every full moon night to feast on either an offering or individual of the community.


Werewolf kills community members, they decide to go hunt it and end up killing a regular wolf when a priest comes to save them.  Lots of killing happens and finally the werewolf is killed.  There are lots of references to the fairy tale we grew up with in the movie which makes it more interesting for sure.  There are several love stories in the movie to get the young crowd engaged.


I really did like the movie, though last night there were only 8 others in the 107 seat theatre when the movie only came out a week and a half ago.  Unfortunately, like most movies today, either it has to be sure to have the sexy actor, or has the likeness of another successful movie to make big bucks at the box office.  I would have to say this movie is a cross between “Twilight,” you will know what I mean certainly when you get to the end, and “The Village.”  I would have to say it very closely resembles the The Village as far as dress, setting, and behaviors.


Besides the similarity to “The Village,” I would have to say that the actors are a bit too well kept for the environment they are living in.  Maybe I say that because I had a hard time keeping my clothes and skin clean back in my Boy Scout camping days, but to see the actresses so clean all of the time and their brightly colored clothes free of dirt, I found the setting a bit hard to believe.  I will need to watch The Village again as I may have the same issue with that movie, but think they did get dirty from time to time wandering through the forest.

See it

So if you liked that type of movie, give this one a try.  At the very least, add it to your Netflix queue when it comes to DVD.

P.S. – You would think that you should pay less for a movie in a small theatre with a smaller screen, but next time I think I will just call and ask before getting tickets 🙂

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