24 Years to Go!

It has been a long time since I updated everyone on my progress to reaching 1000000 people during my volunteering.  I just added up my numbers and have the following to report 🙂

145542 Contacts Since 3/2007

  • 112593 Air and Space
  • 30203 Zoo Interpreting
  • 42 Zoo Tours
  • 2704 Other (Mostly WABA Bike Valets)
  • 1068 Hours
  • $75 in zoo tour tips which get donated to the zoo 🙂

This goal had originally been 35 years and was reduced to 27 years at the current rate.  With the Cherry Blossom Festival approaching and now that I no longer have a part time job, I am hoping to increase my contacts this year.  When I started out I had no idea it would take so long, after all $1000000 is really nothing to billionaires.  The zoo gets close to 2 million visitors annually and the Air and Space Museum is the most visited museum in the world, so my odds should be good. 🙂

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