Today brought to you by the letter ‘U’

One step closer, but still far away.

I have been eating Dannon yogurt as fast as I can in search of letters to win prizes and today I got one of the hard ones to get!

From what I can tell the letters ‘U’, ‘D’, ‘P’, “W’, ‘V’, ‘D’, and ‘X’ are hard to get in order to complete the necessary word to win a prize.  Until today, I was just one letter away from every prize except the grand prize to the Caribbean.  Today I just got a ‘U’ which means I am now one letter away from every prize.  I do have a few left at home to open and only buy them when on sale, so my odds seem to be very slim, but it has been fun each morning pealing back the lid on my raspberry fruit on the bottom 🙂

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