Free Credit Score??

So you can get free credit reports from for free once a year from the 3 reporting bureaus, but does that really help you when it comes time to apply for credit?  While you can see and correct errors, you cannot see your credit score or the new FICO score for free unless you sign up for services and go through the cancellation of a free trial if you got pulled into one to see your score.

Free Credit Score with no apparent strings!

I signed up for today and while it only looks a TransUnion, it was nice to be able to check by score without any hard inquiries 🙂  They have lots of tools and comparisons.  Now all I need to do is find out what score is needed by rental car companies to rent a car with a debit card.  That is really what I needed the score for.   I did not want to make a trip to the rental counter only to find out that my score was not acceptable.

So after hunting a bit…no one seemed to shed light on what would work, but since I am going to rent from an Airport, lots of options, though not many deals, likely available. 🙂

Credit Karma

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