Evils of Combined Shipping

It is true that I do have a hard time passing up on deals, so combine a 50% discount website with $1 additional item shipping for all orders made within 7 days of your first order and you have my full attention.

Cost for shipping

Normally I am a die hard Amazon.com Free Super Saver Shipper, making sure my order totals $25 to get free shipping, but normally unless it is a really good deal, I will buy from a local retail store instead of paying for shipping.  Firstly you can get the item immediately and usually any savings from shopping online are gobbled up in the shipping.


When first collecting biking stuff I checked out chainlove.com and bonktown.com.  Similar to woot.com which offers one, usually electronic, item at a time at a substantial discount,  these biking sites offer old model year clothing and gear at 50% or more off the retail price from their regular priced online stores.  Since I last ordered, they announced new “combined shipping” which saves you around $6 per item ordered based on the shipping cost.  When you place an order you basically have the option to hold your order for 7 days I think during which time, any more items you purchase are added for just $.98 shipping.  So…since my friend was in the market for biking gear I decided to check out the site and started buying things.

Clothes Shopping Every 3 years

So I normally don’t go shopping for clothes that often unless my clothes wear out.  I am not needing to have the newest ripped jeans for $100.  I had not gone bike clothes shopping since I first got my bike and was needing clothes to wear and spend much money at bonktown on clothes and shipping.  So…I went on a spree this time and saved on shipping.  I bought a jersey, matching bib shorts, wind coat, jacket, and rain coat.  Now that my combined shipping has ended, I will hold off for a while, but I did get my shipping $ worth 🙂

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