$79 for Amazon Prime…..

I mentioned earlier that I do enjoy amazon.com for pricing and of course free super saver shipping and for years have thought it would be good to get the prime shipping for $79.  Basically on items that give you free super saver (5-7 day) shipping, you can get free 2 day shipping and for just $3.99 can have your TV or whatever it is you want on your porch the next day.  I usually decide that I can wait and have not forked out the $79.  It is something you can share with your family, but my parents don’t order much and I don’t think my brother does either.

Free Movie Streaming

To entice me even more, Amazon just decided to offer Netflix style movie streaming free to all Prime members.  While the selection is small at the moment and don’t own any devices that stream Amazon movies, is not enough to get me to pay for prime and possibly drop Netflix.  Recently I have run out of movies in my DVD queue, but have kept Netflix as it is nice to potentially pull up a movie on my Apple TV if there is a sudden urge to watch a movie I don’t own.

Free Rentals

Amazon does offer free movie rental credit for new movie releases which I thought was really nice.  Basically to entice customers to order new movies online, Amazon gives you a credit in their rental division to watch the movie immediately that same day while they box up your dvd and ship it to you.  If Amazon was able to offer new movies for streaming with Prime, I would sign up in a heart beat.  This is something that Netflix and Redbox are unable to offer.  Rental stores get new releases about 2 weeks before the discount rental outlets do.  This is really a bummer, but at the same time may keep Blockbuster alive, though all of the stores near me have closed.

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