Rook is no longer a puppy

Well…since we rescued him as an adult, he never really was a puppy to us, but after yesterdays events, he is certainly all grown up 🙂


Okay, so if you did not see the movie “UP” you will likely not get the reference I just made.  Basically Rook has been very interested in Rats, Cats, Squirrels, and the occasional small dog.  All this time I thought he simply wanted to chase them around and play since there were many occasions when it appeared easy to catch one of these.  Normally he will sneak up on them and they will simply scurry up a tree, or when cats or dogs are concerned, we certainly pull him back in on the leash.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010.

The day arrived when Rook was stalking his usual squirrels and rats.  He came upon a squirrel that was having a nut for a snack which happened to have his back towards Rook.  Rook ducked down and did his usual stalking behavior and lunged.  My roommate watched in amazement as he held and shook the squirrel, who by now wished he paid more attention to his surroundings and had enjoyed his snack up in a tree!  Rook tossed it on the ground and then ended its suffering by stomping on it.    WOW.  If I were there I would have been really shocked.  He is a Malamute, but I don’t think I would enjoy a warm furry moving object in my mouth.  I would have said “tag, your it” and left the furry thing alone.

Rat next?

Thankfully it is a common squirrel and not one of the rare black ones that I see occasionally.  Now that Rook has proven that he can catch a squirrel, I wonder if he will still be interested, or if he will move onto rats which we probably all agree could be reduced in number a bit 🙂

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