McDonald’s Giving 1 Cent to Ronald McDonald House for Every Kids Meal Sold?

So I just saw this great McDonald’s Commercial on TV where “hope” is in the empty paper Happy Meal box.  The ad claims that a donation will be made for every Happy Meal sold.  If you look at the fine print at the bottom you can see that 1 cent is donated.  Granted I don’t know how many Happy Meals will be sold during the promotion which goes through the end of the year from what I can tell, but don’t you think that McDonald’s, who I thought was the primary supporter of the Ronald McDonald House, should give more than a penny?  I am no accountant, but I would think that even a quarter would not bankrupt McDonald’s.  Perhaps the donation could be expanded to every item on the menu?  Say you buy 3 items, 3 cents would be donated?

Good Cause

It is very nice to see the collection boxes at each register, and I normally put my coin change in the box since I don’t carry change with me.  So, since McDonald’s is not making a serious donation with it’s penny a meal, take it upon yourself to help out 🙂

I don’t normally comment negatively about donations as every little bit helps, but I was just appalled that an advertised donation campaign would only donate a penny.  One has to wonder if we had a 1/2 cent piece……   Ahhhhh…. very sad 🙁

I would have to say, this is the worst donation campaign I have ever seen and for a big corporation with so many stores, very disappointing.

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