My First Red Box Rental

Last night after getting groceries, I decided to see what new movies had come out recently that I would perhaps want to see.  Normally I buy them for $5 from the machine after they are no longer popular, but I am trying to resist that temptation since I own a Blu-Ray player.  I guess there will always be a few movies that are worth owning, but not paying the premium for Blu-Ray which I may still pickup on occasion.  Since it was close to 11 PM, I was dreading sitcoms, reality series, and cheesy game shows.

$1 for a day….well almost.

After looking through the available titles, I selected “The Box.”  This was a movie that I had wanted to see in the theatre, but never did get around to it.   While I am not about to review it, I was happy I decided to rent it for $1 as I was relatively confused.  Granted it was 1 AM when I finally turned it off as my roommates were sleeping and I undoubtedly was dozing off, but I did not really get it.  It had a “2010: A Space Odyssey” eeriness to it.

I left it for my roommates to watch / return before the 9 PM deadline (Almost 24 hours) since I am working from 9 AM – 10 PM today.  Hopefully they will remember to take it back and perhaps even take another stab at it, but in the worst case, my credit card will be charged another dollar for the extra day.

Why go to Blockbuster?

As I mentioned earlier, if you like someone to talk to and the feel of a real DVD case, or want to rent the Blu-Ray version, you do need to go to your local video rental store.  But, if you are planning on watching the movie right away, and you live on the same block at the “Red Box” then you might as well save $4 (If you return the next day).

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