Time to Tan!

Spring is finally here it seems in DC.  The weather today is like yesterday, supposed to get up into the mid 60s, and with the sun, that means shorts and t-shirts!!!!!

We all know what that means….time to start tanning!  In my case I live with a “farmers” tan in the summer and become a ghost in the winter.  I imagine my ghostly appearance yesterday as I commuted home likely blinded a few drivers, but kept me safe on my bike.   🙂

For those if you close to the equator, you are not allowed to comment.  Those north of DC, sorry, but if you want warmer weather, you need to move south 🙂  I am from Upstate NY originally and they have a high of 52.  Glad I don’t live in Ankorage, Alaska…. 13 degrees and partly cloudy.

Have a great day!  Think Spring!

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