Backpack Suggestion?

I had a Swiss Army brand back pack for a little over a year and the main pocket bottom stitching has come apart and I have a big hole in it.  I have come to expect great quality based on the Swiss Army knife I have had for close to 20 years, but don’t expect that with other products.  After contacting the company that actually  makes the backpacks, I find that there is no limited lifetime warranty, only a 1 year one.  Unfortunate because I don’t save receipts in case it was less than a year.

Swiss Army Branded Backpacks only have a 1 year warranty.

Does any one have a suggestion for a good backpack?  Something relatively light and frameless that has a large capacity and a real lifetime warranty that covers wear and tear?  Otherwise I may head to Wal-mart and get the cheapest one I can find expecting it to last only 9 months.

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