Golden cows?

All cows going organic?

Last night I stopped at the local Harris Teeter grocery store to get milk and check out my staples and occasional temptations for sales. While I love raspberries, I refuse to spend over $2.50 a pint. I have been known to stock up when the price drops below $2. Just this past summer the price was $1.50 and I picked up 20 packages! Another example is my favorite breakfast cereal “Krispex.”. Besides the fact that cereals low in sugar tend to rarely to go on sale, I’m convinced they only do when close to expiration, Krispex lists for around $4 for a comparatively small box. The best deal I found was buy one get one free when I had to get a raincheck. I got 10 boxes that shopping trip. Last night as I strolled down the aisle it was $2.50 a box :). Quite reserved, I grabbed 4 boxes.

Now to the back of the store to get milk. Not a sale sign to be seen. I stood in shock for a moment as I saw the store brand gallon at $3.89! Ouch! I will be sure to not drop a single drip and use it before expiration!

In summary, I hope the cows are getting some real good food and luxurious hotel accomodations. 🙂

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