Inadvertant Personal Tour Guide?

Have you ever run into people you have not talked to in a while on the street? How about meeting a complete stranger one place and then seeing them again the following day somewhere else? Is that fate?

On occasion I have run into people I have known from a previous job or from college while volunteering. At the zoo an administrator from Allegheny College recognized me and said hello. At the Air and Space Museum, a co-worker from my old job which is about 7 hours driving away recognized me and chatted a bit.


This past weekend I was at the Zoo on Saturday interpreting at the Lion and Tiger habitat and engaged in a fairly lengthy conversation with a couple who were visiting DC. He was from Connecticut and she Rhode Island. We talked about Lions, Tigers and all things zoo for a while and then they headed off.


On Sunday, I volunteer at the Air and Space Museum in the morning.  About the middle of the morning I noticed a couple.  Perhaps it was the coat he was wearing, but they looked familiar for some reason and I was not sure from where.  He is also not the only one with a buzz cut and a long  black Cashmere coat with a girlfriend to be sure.  So I decided to come out from behind the information desk to take them a map of the museum and take a closer look.  I don’t think they recognized me, but they looked very familiar and I asked them if they were at the Zoo yesterday.  They said yes and I replied…” You are from Connecticut and you from Rhode Island.”  They immediately remembered me and asked “Do you work at every museum?”  I had to laugh and said no, just at the two you visited. They were my favorite museums as a kid and seemed logical to volunteer at when I moved to DC.  I did not want to be too creapy, so I did not talk to much with them there, and wished them a pleasant visit to the museum.

All I could think of next…..what if they showed up at World Market that night!   At that point I would need to get a restraining order, or more likely see if they wanted to be friends on Facebook 🙂

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