Review: Avatar

So I’m a little late since Avatar won best picture, but I thought I would give my 2 cents on the matter.

Firstly I was a not so interested in the movie from the previews I saw. Who are these blue people? Are they like hobbits or wizards? I kept hearing about the movie and finally had the opportunity to catch a mid Saturday afternoon showing in 3D. I am sure you all know that Regal sells discount tickets and many campanies buy these “super saver” ticket vouchers. I happen to get them from Costco. These particular ones are not restricted as some prevent you from using them the first 2 weeks and cost a little more. Of course matinees are less so I ended up paying $7 for two tickets on top if the $16 at Costo. In short, it really is not a good value if you use the vouchers to see a 3D movie in the afternoon! Tickets cost $13.50 at night and I think $11.50 for a 3D matinee. I did not save any money with the 3D upcharge added in. So, no food or beverage. I usually save enough to get a drink 🙂

The movie basically has 3 groups of individuals. First you have these really tall blue colored locals. Next you have the scientists that are trying to study and interact with them. Finally you have the “muscle” of the operation. The military forces.

Avatars are basically grown to connect mentally and controlled physically by a specific scientist. When one of the humans is killed shortly before the mission, the investors, not wanting to waste the resources expended to make a now useless avatar, hire his twin brother to go on the mission. Being paralysed from the waist down, the ex military brother does not seem to be the best suited for the job, but manages nonetheless.

After getting connected to his avatar he is able to effectively use his legs and enjoys his new body. He is welcomed into the inner circle and begins to learn the culture. I don’t know if the locals know he is really human controlled, but they start to trust him.

The military commander notices this and capitalizes by asking him to do military reconissance for him.

The goal of the comporation is to harvest natural resources to sell on earth. The scientists are trying to peacefully relocate the locals who seen to live directly above the largest concentration of the resource by persuading them to move.

The military are there in the event the scientists fail, to force them to move and kill them if resistant. The leader if the science team notices he is reporting to the military wing and moves there operation to a remote location to prevent the communication between.

The “princess” falls into love with him and he lives by the rules of their culture and goes through their rights of passage to become a man. One very interesting thing about the locals is that they physically connect with the horses, dragons, and trees through what looks like long braided hair. This in a way is the same type of connection the humans have with their avatar and they become one with the animal.

The military wing realizes that he is eventually against them when he is unsuccessful getting them to move despite admitting he is not really one of them and telling the intentions of the corporation. The locals are going to fight for their home. During the ensuing battle, their tree home is destroyed. The people live with nature and don’t profit or damage it in any way. The destruction was a sad time for all.

They are able to defeat the military wing with help from some local sympathizers. The program is ended and as they pack up, the main character that is paralysed and in live with a local, decides to stay on the planet. With no way to continue controlling the avatar, he turns to local spiritual leaders to effectively transfer the lifeforce from his human body to his avatar.

In the end his soul is transferred and he becomes one of them. Not sure there will be a sequel, but after the amazing success of the movie, which now threatens “Titanic,” there will surely be more of this movie style in the near future. I heard it cost 500 million to make and current has made over 1.5 billion!

The movie was close to 3 hours long, but unlike “Titanic” where I checkedy watch every 10 minutes to see if it was over, never looked. As far as the 3D…. Did not bother my eyes and was really good. If only it was at an IMAX in 3D, that would really be superb!!

For a sci fi or fantasy fan, this is a must go. If you disliked the smurfs, then skip these tall blue people and rent it for $1 at your local video rental machine or queue it up on Netflix. Just kidding. The cinematography was great, even if the story line itself was about deception and military might.

What are your thoughts on the movie?

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