U. S. Capital Visitor Center

Our friends from upstate NY wanted to visit the Capitol, but we did not get passes for a tour, so we decided to check out the new visitor center. We huffed it around the back side of the U. S. Capitol and entered through the new underground entrance. You can tell over $400 million was spent, and the exhibits were great. While not allowed to take photos for some reason, the exhibits were very well done. While lacking an interactive quality, the use of LCD screens to highlight milestones in legislation, the model of capital hill development and Capital Complex was really cool. From farmland, to grassless land, the transformation was remarkable. We unfortunately got ejected before we had time to explore the entire exhibit, so be sure to give atleast an hour and come before 3 pm if you want to catch a tour. It is best to get a reserved ticket, and last tour leaves at 3:20 so come early.

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