What does 99% Fat Free Mean???

Perhaps I was just being lazy, but normally I commute to work and really don’t take the time to make a lunch, nor do I want to spend a fortune on it.  Recently I have decided that Lunch is important, especially since I don’t eat Breakfast. 🙁  In my effort to make lunch prep very quick I have resorted to Ham and Cheese with mustard on a roll and at times have simply tossed a can of Chef Boyardee into my backpack.

Chef Boyardee 99% Fat Free Cheese Ravioli

When at the local Harris Teeter (convenient at the end of my block) I strolled down the canned meat aisle.  While a small selection, perhaps the need for the pasta in a can has diminished and pouches / microwavable containers are the hot item, there are the usual.  Ravioli, Spaghetti with Meatballs, Spaghettios, and if you wanted more meat…Meat Ravioli with Mini Meatballs!

I noticed a new product, well, new since I last purchased this product 5-10 years ago!  Cheese Ravioli that was 99% fat free!  Even the label was green instead of red to focus on this lower fat item.  In addition to being made from sun ripened tomatoes and all natural ingredients, this product was virtually fat free.  Now I am not obese, but I am conscious when it comes to things like fat and if there is a low fat alternative such as Baked Lays, I will try them.

2.5g fat per serving (2 servings per can)

As any informed shopper, I rotated the can to see the nurtition facts.  Funny as it may be, but even junk food has some “nutritional” value.  Something about the word makes you think good for you 🙂

  • Serving Size 251g
  • Servings Per Container 2
  • Fat Per Serving 2.5g (1g saturated)

250g of fat in regular cheese ravioli!

There was no “regular” cheese ravioli to see if this was the case.  You can probably guess my next question?  How can something be 99% fat free and have 2.5g of fat?  That would indicate to me that the regular product would have 25og of fat!  That is almost 100% of the serving.  Then it dawned on me, with the help of a coworker…the % fat free is really a percent of the total serving size.

2.5g Fat divide by 251 = 1% Fat which means 99% is not Fat and is Fat Free!

Hmm…very misleading don’t you think?  Most companies will say “75% less fat than the leading brand” or “50% less fat than regular potato chips.”

Email to ConAgra Foods (Chef Boyardee)

I completed a comment form basically mentioning what I have stated above and waiting for a response.  I did mention that in order to keep consistent with advertising they should list all products this way.  Example: 10g fat regular Ravioli per 250g serving is 96% Fat Free!  WOW!

All Chef Boyardee Products are at least 95% Fat Free!  Eat Often!

I will let you know what I hear back, if I even get a response.

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