Pasta Mia….perhaps another day

After hearing so much about Pasta Mia, I took my partner out to celebrate his new job.  Forgetting that the restaurant in the Adams Morgan section of DC opens at 6:30, we waiting in line about 30 minutes early.  We were not the first in line!

After proving to not be “Smarter than a fifth grader,” we were seated and glanced at the menu.  A few things stuck out…

  1. Cash only (Quite a problem for me with no local bank ATM near by.)
  2. No Substitutions (Perhaps this was to be authentic, but seriously?)
  3. $14 minimum per person (Hmm….this was not a no cover bar.)
  4. No Chicken Parm? (This really was a pasta only establishment.)

So….after not seeing anything that really struck us as a must have, we left and celebrated at the “Duplex” diner at 18th and U street.

Having owned our own restaurant…..and not requiring a minimum charge amount or a minimum per person food cost, we were a bit discouraged.  Seriously…Mc Donald’s and Subway accept charge cards!  Based on the prices, I don’t think it would break the business if they were to accept the service fees associated with charge cards.

I do think that I will try Pasta Mia someday since so many talk about it, but will certainly have to be in a 100% pasta mood and have hit the ATM 🙂

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