One minute on my bike…the next on the ground…I.

I was just about to stop at my apartment and within a split second… was on the ground. 

I did notice some water on the ground and while it was wet, did not appear to be frozen.  It did not feel like it was cold enough outside, but when coming inside after, noticed that the current temperature was 32 degrees.  I had just changed my tires a few weeks ago and this was the first time I had ridden in wet conditions.  The tires I purchased were Hutchison Equinox which promised good grip in wintery conditions.  Not to blame the tires, but with over 2000 miles on the OEM bike tire without a problem, I am a little skeptical.  

As I laid on the ground with pain in my leg and arm, I was thankful that I had long pants and 3 long sleeved shirts on.  My fear was to crash with a lot of exposed skin and scraping along the ground picking up stones and other debris under the skin.  At quick glance I did not have any holes in my clothes and did no notice any bleeding.  My ankles seemed to be okay and my Crank Brothers cleats and pedals separated as expected and I was thankful I did not have any broken bones.  

Initially I was a little in shock….I think I blacked out for a brief moment as I focused my eyes and checked out the scene.  My leg was a bit stiff and seemed quite painful along with my arm.  I finally got myself up and limped into my building.  I was trying to walk off the accident.

Upon inspection I noticed a hole in my bottom long sleeved layer and a scrape on my arm and under my pants and shorts which were not torn, a large bruise and a few scrapes on my leg.  It is very sore to the touch and hoping that by tomorrow I will be walking normally 🙂

So…..I had been afraid of falling off my bike and envisioned it would involve a flat tire, broken chain, frame….something that failed and did not expect to fall on a small patch of water.

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